Error during the creation of the backup


Until noon, the backup creation was working.
Now, I have an issue when the backup creation is launched at the oppening, the closing of Scrivener or manually.

For other projects, I don’t have this issue.

I tried to change the location of the backup but I have the same issue. Even if I deactivate the option “compress automatic backups as zip files”.

I did a manual backup (copy/past files on another hard drive) but if it is possible I prefere found a solution to this issue.

Have you an idea ?

Many thanks in advance.

I am afraid we will need a project to reproduce the case. It is most likely some of the files you have added recently causing the problem. If you can create a small demo project(or your current project) reproducing the problem, please send it to tiho at literatureandlatte dot com, to investigate this further.

Thanks for your answer.

I had the opportunity this morning to install Scrivener on another computer.

So I transferred my project on it and there the backup creation worked perfectly !

Then, on the regular computer, I uninstalled scrivener to reinstall it after restart.
Unfortunately, the issue is still present on this one and only on one project.

Strange !

My project is too heavy to be sent by mail even zipped.

Thanks again for your help.

How big is the project?

Is it possible that you simply don’t have enough disk space?


The last backup is 77 518 Ko.

My hard drive is half empty.

I found the file that caused the issue.
If I try to zip my project files, I have a message telling me that the file “recent.txt” is damaged.

This file is in the folder “setting”. If I open it, the file is damaged or unreadable.

I just replaced the file by a functional file of another project. And now the backup creation works again !

Have a good day.