"Error generating the epub book"

How can I determine what the 'cause of this error is?

It is only occurring with one book. It worked before but now it is not working. I can’t think of anything I did other than create more of the TOC.

Any ideas on what I should be looking at?

What do you mean by creating more of the ToC? Do you have any figures in the book?

I’m converting a print book to epub. I imported my .doc and began to “split at selection with title” to create breaks for the table of contents. It’s a large book so I periodically save it as a mobi or epub to check the layout and spacing issues. Then I go back in an do some more.

Yes, there are images. I noticed that they are too large for the ebook so I am replacing them with smaller ones as I get to them.

I ended up starting over.

Okay, I understand what you mean now. I agree it was probably the large images rather than the splits in the structure you were making. I use tons of splits, and I know a lot of people who also use Scrivener with tons of splits as well (some people even put individual paragraphs in their own documents), so if there were issues with an increased number of ToC headers as a result; we’d probably have heard of it by now.

When the large images were in there is saved without and issue, but as I removed them an added smaller one that’s when I had problems.

I ended up replacing all the images in the .doc first and then uploading and I didn’t have any issues. So the problem lies somewhere in the inserting of new images.

It’s likely one of the images is either corrupted, or is using a format that isn’t understood by the e-book process. It’s hard to say what that could be as there are a lot of variables involved, but whenever an image breaks the compiler it usually means there is something broken or unexpected in the graphic format itself. If quality isn’t a huge issue, and it’s only for e-books and on screen viewing, taking a screenshot of the image is a pretty good way of “cleaning” it.

Yeah, I couldn’t figure out which image was the problem, but uploading the images to the document before importing worked.