Error in display after mac update


I really hope you can help me, since I’m a little desperate. I just had this update on my mac and when I reopened Scrivener there were several changes. Some of which I don’t mind, for example some of the symbols I had assigned to chapters had changed a little – but my biggest problem is, that there is this grey column at the right side of the editor. It never goes away and I’m 99% sure there is no way of somehow changing the settings to get rid of it.
The problem is that the right editor is very narrow now when i use two editors at the same time (which i normally do). It also poses problems when i try to use the corkboard view, since now it’s too narrow to display three index cards next to each other.
When I open the binder, the grey column/bar on the right side is still there. It’s as wide as two fingers (sorry, as a German I don’t know anything about inches).
Another major problem is that the menu bar that allows me to go back to documents i had previously opened is kind of hidden under the formatting bar. If I change the settings and “remove” the formatting bar the menu bar reappears, but I need both of them of course.
Can you please, please, please help me as soon as possible?
That would be awesome!
Thank you so much!
With kind regards

Nothing I can do really to help … but it would be good for those who might be able to help if you give details of the update (what was updated, from what version to what version, who “owns” the update (Apple or your IT people), etc. Also what version of Scrivener are you using. Finally, do you have a backup that you can roll-back to in case the update didn’t go in correctly and you need to re-apply, or wait for an update that doesn’t break things.

Make sure you have the latest version of Scrivener, which is 3.1.5. Visual anomalies are quite common after operating system updates.

If that doesn’t help, maybe post some screenshots to help us understand what you’re seeing?