Error in update installer for v.

Don’t know whether this is a bug or an issue on my end but was told by Scrivener staff to report it here. I had been assiduous in my updates to the Win3 beta until 31 July when I was away and could not update. Therefore, I uninstalled my old version of Scrivener beta 18 and installed beta 19 in / . Some days later, downloaded the update and ran the installer and received the following error message: “Error in trying to install file: destination $(installdir) resolved to an empty value. The application will exit now.” This seems to indicate that the installer can’t find the directory in which to do its work. I noticed that my old Scrivener 1.9 is installed in . Don’t know whether I should have installed beta 19 in which is why it can’t be found by the installer. As I noted above, dunnno whether this is my error or yours but either way, need some assistance in resolving it. Running Windows 10 Pro v. 1809 Build 17763.615

Many thanks and by the way, love the app…



64 bit versions should be installed into Program Files.

I’d install b20 into …program files/scrivener320 . Start out clean.

Indeed. The pragmatic solution. Many thanks…