Error message re: serial number confirmation; cannot open Scrivener - please help!

I have been using Scrivener on MacOS without issue since I purchased a regular license back in 2019. Just now, I’ve tried to open the application and it says my trial has expired. Then I can get another pop-up window to enter my serial number but then I get this message:

Serial number confirmation failed with internal error: -6001

Scrivener was unable to confirm the serial number because of an internal error in the eSellerate frameworks. This is usually caused by a minor permissions conflict on the computer.

To fix this issue, please try following the instructions on our Knowledge Base web page by clicking on the “Fix” button below.

If the problem persists, please contact support at

I have the MacOS Catalina and have not upgraded to the Ventura OS, so I don’t think it’s related to the bugs I’ve seen around that.

I really need to access my Scrivener docs, please help!

Hi KHolmes00. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

If I were you, I would contact support directly.
Not much to expect from the forum for an issue like this.

thanks. I just sent an email!

Did you perhaps tried rebooting your computer? (Wild guess, but who knows…)

eSellerate was our old license provider, but they stopped that service a while ago, prompting us to move to another provider. Their semi-extended support ended completely this past month, which is why you’re seeing that error now. However, it only applies to older versions of Scrivener that weren’t able to switch to the new provider. On Catalina you must be running Scrivener 3, so have you ensured that you’ve updated to the latest version, 3.2.3? If Scrivener ▸ Check for Updates doesn’t work for you, but your version number in Scrivener ▸ About Scrivener is older, you can download the latest version from the website and install it manually.

Hello, I keep getting the error message “Serial number confirmation failed with internal error: 6001” when I try an open up Scrivener on my MacBook Air. This has only started to happen within the last few days. I can eventually get in, but it takes several attempts and more minutes. I’ve got version 3 for Mac, which I got around 3 years ago. Any help and advice appreciated.

If you search here for “Serial number confirmation failed with internal error” you’ll find some previously offered background and advice as to how to resolve.

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Thank you. I found a recent post from a user who had exactly the same issue.

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