Error message: "Scrivener trial expired" - but I had bought the full version in 2015

Today I wanted to open my scrivener.
But en error message appeared.
Something about configuration.
I tried a couple of times to open, until a new message popped up. It says: Scrivener trial expired". When I enter my serial number, it says it’s not valid.
It has worked since 2015 though. And suddenly no more?

I update my Mac OS to Mojave. Mabye that’s the issue?

I love scrivener and it is my main tool for my work. Meaning, I rely on having access to it.

Looking forward to solve this issue as fast as possible.


This is Scrivener version 2.x, right?

Sounds like it tries to connect to the now obsolete registration provider that was used back in the day. That won’t work. I suspect the only viable solution is to upgrade to Scrivener version 3.x.

Is Scrivener displaying an “internal error -6001” message?

If so, we have this Knowledge Base article that explains the options for Scrivener 2 users who still have older versions that point to the old servers.

I’d suggest starting there. If you’re not able to get the issues resolved using that resource, you can either follow up here or go to our contact us page to submit a help request.

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Thank you.
I saw the 6001 error article. The weird thing is, I have been using Scrivener 3. That’s why I don’t understand why it’s not working.

thank you.
It’s Scrivener 3…

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Make sure you have the latest release of Scrivener 3, which is 3.2.3. You can download it here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

Also, Scrivener 3 wasn’t released until 2017. So if you bought in 2015 and then upgraded, make sure you’re using the correct serial number.