Error messages: "Could not create project" & "Cannot access"

I am using Scrivener and I have a small problem.

Often when I am typing or pasting in text and I go to the menu and choose File|save, I get a pair of dialog boxes with error messages that read:

  1. “Could not create project” and the name of the project follows. That is followed by
  2. “Cannot access” and the directory path and project name.

If I go back and choose File|save a second time, it saves without any error messages (which I why I said it was a small problem).

Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing that glitch and how I might repair it?

That’s a little unusual…

It’s possible that your manual save is colliding with Scrivener’s own autosave: autosave has the file locked, so your manual save won’t work.

To test this, you can change the autosave interval at Tools -> Options -> General.

We also recommend that all users upgrade to version 1.2.3, as version 1.2.1 had some nasty bugs. One of which broke the automatic update functionality, so you may need to manually download the update from here: … taller.exe