Error messages epub and mobi

Hi this is my first post, please excuse any boo boos. Using Scrivener I have compiled a novel in epub, and the epub validator gave me this message: “Referenced resource could not be found in epub.” Looking through posts here, I opened the file in Sigil and found the problem is in my “Connect with me” page that includes links to my website, Facebook, etc. So the error message tells me the problem is in line 8, position 205 but when I look at it in HTML, line 8 is blank. ??? I don’t know html enough to fix anything, but could a blank line be a problem? (I checked my links, and they all seemed to work.)

Also got a Kindlegen error for my mobi file: “Some hyperlinks not resolved.” It references a link on my “Connect” page again. Is there any way to view a mobi file in HTML? Like I said, I don’t know enough html to fix stuff, but maybe can get a friend to help me. This is getting me frustrated. Thank you very much.

Well, I decided to just try again. I stripped all the formatting out of that section, imported it again and re-did the links. This time the epub passed validation. :smiley: I will tackle the mobi tomorrow. Thanks very much.

Not a Windows user. Replying because no one else has.

If you want to put formatting back in, you could add in sections at a time, compile and test in order to identify exactly where validation fails. Trial and error.

It might be something as simple as a malformed URL or a missing closing HTML tag. If you can post the errant code, someone here might be able to offer up a solution.

Good luck. … p?t=251071