Error on export with some characters in the Title

Scrivener throws an error when Exporting documents with some characters in the Title such as “Quotes”, prpbably other non-alphanumerics.

Could you answer the following so we can try and track this downplease.

  1. What error message are you receiving?
  2. What version of Scrivener are you using? The latest is 1.03.
  3. What Windows operating system are you using?



I just tried renaming a file from the tutorial: Step 1: Beginnings"quotes" test
i.e. I used " in the file name


and got the error;
"The Save as name cannot contain special charcaters, please replace etc…
Scrivener Error special characters.PNG


This isn’t exactly a bug; Scrivener isn’t able to use those characters in the file name, hence the message asking you remove them. I’ll make a note though about adding the " as a character on that list, since the Windows file system does not allow quotes in file names and it appears to pop up a separate, less clear error message in that case since the quote mark isn’t on the other list.

A quick check here shows that all these characters may be used in filenames on Win XP:


Note that some of these are on the disallowed list in the error popup.

So maybe have the developers simply correct the list.

I’m running it by Lee to check on the current limitations, yes.

Sorry I forgot your other Qs:
Latest version of Scrivener
Windows 7 64 bit

The reasons why that would be a “bad idea” for anything cross platform are well documented. Lee should discuss with KB before doing this. He should also consider the implications to his linux support as well.

Bad things lurk this way…

Yes the reason for the error was obvious to me once I realised that what I wrote in the Title line became the filename. (I had been freely using the Titles as useful textual headings to be printed in the document). I just didnt think. so it probably just needs a warning when one tries to enter those dodgy characters.