Error Opening a Previous Mac File on my new PC?

I just got a new pc and I’m in the process of bringing over files. I’m attempting to open up the old file but it gives me an error message that I’m attempting to open a different version of Scrivener and I need to update. I’m on the most recent version of Scrivener so I’m fairly confident that the error is simply that it’s a Mac version. How do I get this to open up? I still have the supporting files so I’m trying to find a way to start a new project while bringing those in. Or if there is another solution I’m open to it. I just really don’t want have to manually go through setting up a new project and copy-pasting all the text into it.

If the Mac version was version 3, then the current paid release (Windows version 1) is not compatible. If you have your Mac available, there’s an option to save a copy of the project in a compatible format.

It’s a bit confusing, but Mac v2 was compatible with Win v1. Mac v3 is compatible with the Windows beta (which when released, will be version 3, skipping over the number 2). So on the Mac, exporting to a version 2 format will be compatible with Windows version 1.

thank you my issue has been solved