Error Opening Mac Project Files in iOS Version

When I try to open a project created on the Mac (latest version of Scrivener), I get the message “Unsupported project file format.” How can I fix this?



  1. Have you updated Scrivener on your Mac to the latest version?
  2. Is it the original Scriv project you are trying to open on your iDevice? I hope you didn’t use the File->Sync with->External folder…

I have the same problem as the original poster (plus another problem).

The only version I have ever owned of Scrivener for Mac is the latest version; same goes for my iOS. Nevertheless, I get this message error on iOS some projects. For others, I’m told that the file can’t be opened because I have my file has an invalid binder structure.

I can’t get any file to open on iOS.

If you receive that error, it’s almost certainly because you haven’t let all the files sync on your Mac before downloading the project to your iOS device. So, make sure that Dropbox has finished syncing on your Mac, then sync again on your iOS device to download the remaining files for the project.

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