Error: Selected Directory is Not A Scrivener Project

So, my PC died and I got a new one. I had all my files backed up with Mozy. Reinstalled Scrivener and downloaded my .scriv projects, but when I try to open them (File–>Import) I get a “Selected directory is not a Scrivener project” error.

I’m not a techie so I have no idea if any of this is relevant but:
Old computer Windows 7, new one Windows 8.1 size=85[/size]
Not sure of old Scrivener version, obviously new one is latest
Downloaded backup files in a zip file, extracted to new folder
Project file extension is .scriv, I’m not seeing anything with .scrivx

Any help is most appreciated. I’m not panicking as I can see text files in notepad but the idea of recreating my projects manually makes me want to weep.

Just to be sure, you have extracted/decompressed the .zip backup, so that you are now dealing with a regular folder?

Folder name ends in .scriv?

Does the folder contain the following entries?

  • Files (folder)
  • Settings (folder)
  • Snapshots (folder)
  • project.scrivx (file)

If the above aren’t all present, there’s a problem with how the backup was produced.

If the above are all present, try opening the project.scrivx file.
Try doing it from within Scrivener via File > Open (rather than import).
Try doing it in Windows File Explorer or My Computer by navigating into the .scriv folder and doubleclicking the project.scrivx file or right clicking on it and selecting Open.

Hope that’s a start.

Got it - the only folder in the top level “project.scriv” folder is “Files.” None of the others are there. Thank you so much for the response, at least now I know where to start!