Error Transferring Files to Updated Version

Hi Everyone, I imagine this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a thread addressing this question.
I just bought a new laptop and have just installed scrivener
I had purchased a previous version of scrivener and upgraded my license to install on my new laptop
I am unable to open my old scriv. files on my new laptop, as it says the /files/data and /settings folders are missing
I was running version 2.8 on my old machine and am running the latest version on my new machine
I had expected the files would just transfer automatically into new versions, but I guess this is not the case. What do I need to do to access my old scrivener files on my new version of the software? Many thanks!!

You should actually be able to just open old files with the new version. Sounds more like the old projects haven’t been copied over completely. Do you keep them in some sort of cloud service? Make sure they’ve been completely downloaded to the new laptop.

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How did you transfer your files over to your new computer?

The first time you open an older project format in a new version, a backup of the original should be automatically created and then the project is converted to the new project type. This error indicates that files are missing in order for Scrivener to be able to open and read the file. It could be that the files weren’t transferred properly, that they didn’t sync properly or fully to your new computer if you used a cloud service, etc. You’ll need to ensure the entire .scriv file has transferred and is downloaded to the computer in order to open it.

Hi folks, thanks for your responses.
I had transferred the files through airdrop. It was my understanding too that I should just be able to open the old projects in the new format.
I couldn’t find where files were missing and I tried sync-ing stuff a couple more times and nothing.
Ultimately I worked around the issue by exporting my old scriv projects into word files onto google drive, then reimporting those files into the new version. Slightly time consuming but worked just fine.