Error when compiling for Kindle

Please help. When I try to compile a novel for Kindle, the Kindle Previewer opens and all appears to be well - I can see the book cover and the first few pages in Previewer. But after a few seconds, the Kindle Previewer closes and the error message box appears saying ‘The following error occurred while compiling the Kindle book’ yet no error is listed so there is no clue as to what went wrong.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-25 173649.jpg[/attachment]

I have tried this several times with the same result.

Note that this error has been reported on other posts but as far as I can see nobody has yet provided a solution. At the moment I am unable to compile any documents for Kindle.

As a work around, compile to ePub (which Amazon now wants books submitted in) and use Calibre to convert to mobi

I am also getting the same error as you said, i dont know how to fix that like you :frowning:(

Great idea, thanks Ruff Pub. :smiley: