Error when Exporting - Access is denied?

Hi guys,

I’m a relatively new user but I’m absolutely loving the software so far.

I’m encountering an error when I’m trying to export my manuscript into .rtf so I can do some remote work from my iPad. I’ll outline my process below and maybe you can see where I’m going wrong:

File > Export > Export Files

Then i set the location as my Writing folder on my Desktop as a .rtf file. Now when i hit save i get the following error

Files exported but with errors.
Could not export.
Access is denied.

The odd thing is that when i go to the destination folder, from what i can tell all of my chapters are there in .rtf format. I haven’t taken the time to go through them completely but structurally they all look sound.

Should i just ignore this error and carry on, or is there a way to make sure i’m doing everything correctly?

Thanks in advance


I’m having exactly the same problem but I’m exporting plain text into a Dropbox folder. The error pops up but it seems like the export happens anyway. I’m running Windows 7.

I’m having exactly the same problem.

This is a known bug, fixed in version 1.2.5, released today.

Scrivener’s Check for Updates function should find it, or else you can download it from here: … taller.exe

Release notes are here: … geList.php


I’m having the same probably as the previous user. I use FILE/EXPORT and received the error message:

Files exported but with errors.
Could not export:
Access is denied.

I am using Version with Windows 7.
Suggests appreciated.
Lupe F.