Error When Opening .SCRIV file

I’m having an issue opening a .SCRIV file that was created using Scrivener for Mac.

When I try to open it (using the Windows beta) I get an error message: [Project Name] “is the main structure file for a project, but other required files for this project could not be found: the \Files \Data and \Settings folder are missing.”

This is kinda baffling because I thought that .SCRIV files were just zip-compressed archives of exactly those directories along with the .SCRIVX file. My Mac version of Scrivener seems to treat them that way, although when I create a new project using Scrivener for Windows I get a folder for each project rather than a .SCRIV file.

In any case, opening those .SCRIV files on my Mac works fine.

What looks like a .scriv file on a Mac is really a folder. On your PC it should look like the folder it is, not a file. So you should open the .scrivx file on a PC, which is found inside the .scriv folder.

The .scriv package is not Zip-compressed. It’s just a folder, except that Mac OS hides the internal structure.

This means that it’s up to you to make sure that the entire structure is transferred when you move the project. Emailing it, for example, will tend to have exactly the results you described.

How did you transfer it from the Mac to the PC?


This was exactly the clue I needed. I’ve been syncing Scrivener projects from Mac-to-Mac using Box, and never had an issue. But Box honors some kind of attribute of a SCRIV that forces every device that accesses it to treat it as a file. Not only does that mean that the SCRIV shows up as a file when accessed using the Box web interface, but that a Windows machine that syncs the SCRIV locally sees it as a file (rather than a directory) as well.

That second piece seems impossible, but there it is; I’ve tested it on two separate machines. Moving the SCRIV out of the locally-synced Box folder solves the problem. So does changing the “extension” (but not the name).