Error when saving.

I started a new project this morning after typing in a few words an error box popped up telling me my work couldn’t be saved. I had this issue with the latest version of Scrivener so I uninstalled that and installed the previous version.

I have changed the location of the save to a different folder and file but this has not worked.
Highlight of the error:

Failed saving text for document with the id:41
Error could not open the RTF file for writing.
access denied.

I want to use Scrivener for my work, but I do not want to type out a whole lot of work for none of it to save.

Please can someone help.

This has nothing to do with Scrivener. You (probably Windows) is denying access to writing that file. We cannot help you because you haven’t given us sufficient information. This is like you saying, “I couldn’t get in the door. My shoes must be bad”

Here is what to try:
make a new folder under documents. Perhaps Scrivener test
Copy your project into that new folder
Copy a simple file into that folder. perhaps a text document. edit it in notepad. delete the test file. Make sure you can read and write into that folder
Now open the Scrivener project there

If this fails to work, let us know. Otherwise, try and determine the difference between saving to your new documents folder and wherever you were being prevented from saving before.