Error While Trying to Upload Images


I’m fairly new to Scrivener and while attempting to upload an image that’s in my Draft.scriv file, I get an error that says,

“Cannot import files from current project. The set of files being imported contain files that are within the current project folder. These files will not be imported.”

I think I understand a little bit why this message is popping up. I think it means that because I am trying to import an image that is within my project folder, I can import it. But my project folder is where I keep my images as they pertain to the project. I have found that if I import the image from my desktop or another folder, it imports just fine. Why exactly is it doing this and how do I get around it?

I would assume that the reason for the error message is more or less that Scrivener needs control over everything that’s in that .scriv folder, and doesn’t expect it to be used for anything that it has not created and filed in the proper place itself.

The way I manage it is this: Say I’m working on a blog. I create a folder called something like C:\Users[i]{My Username}[/i]\Documents\Writing\Blogging. In that folder I place such things as images I may want to use, notes I took at a how-to-blog workshop, links to other blogs, etc.

Now, also in that folder, I create a Scrivener project called “Blogging.” This generates a subfolder Blogging.scriv, and within that appear 3 folders named Files, Settings, and Snapshots, and the actual project file Blogging.scrivx. Once this is set up, then from within the Scrivener project I can upload/import images, etc., from the folder C:\Users[i]{My Username}[/i]\Documents\Writing\Blogging, since they reside at the same level as the Scrivener project subfolder Blogging.scriv, rather than within it. Does that makes sense?

I’ve attached a fragment of the folder tree to show the idea. My images, related documents, etc., go in the folder Blogging rather than Blogging.scriv.
Scrivener blogging project path.JPG

So does that mean there’s no getting around this? I would have to put my pictures in a different area other than my draft.scriv file and upload from there?

Sorry, I’ve been off somewhere and didn’t see this. Basically, yes. That’s how Scrivener is structured so that it can do what it does. I don’t know whether my particular way of structuring things can work for you, but you might be able to adapt it to your purposes.