Error with importing a picture

Good evening all,

I just purchased Scrivener yesterday.

I am having an error importing a photo to my binder.

Allow me to explain.

I have my Scrivener all set-up, everything is fine. See picture 1 below.

Then, I want to import a picture.

So I do the following, please see picture 2 below.

All good so far. Right?

Then, I select the file that I want “It Never Happened Foolscap 001.jpg”, and click ‘open’. See picture 3 below.

Still okay.

Sorry. I could not post more than 3 pictures in one post. So I’ll have to quickly reply to my old post to continue the question.

But then …

The picture is imported, or at least, according to Scrivener it is, but, it doesn’t show up - and is only available on the thumbnail.

See image 4 below.

As you can see, the image shows up in the box on the inspector on the right of the screen, but, now where it’s supposed to in the centre of the screen!

How do I fix this?

Here is what the image is supposed to look like:

But then … something wierd happens.

Sometimes, it’s only happened a few times, when I click ‘off’ the image in Scrivener - to continue working on my novel for instance - and then click back on the Foolscap imported image, it actually works as it’s supposed to and shows up!

Here’s an image of what it looks like:

Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and most of the time the page is blank - essentially rendering this feature unusable.

This is really frustrating me. I was so excited to get using Scrivener.

If you can help please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Take Care

Mr G Ward.


Merry Christmas folks. And, can anyone help?