Errors after installing MultiMarkdown

I am a noob, just beginning with MMD in Scrivener. I’m using Scrivener 2.7.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

I just installed MultiMarkdown from using the Mac Installer.

Now I am getting errors when I compile using MMD->RTF:

There was a problem writing to the path '/Users/woods/Documents/Scrivener Folder 2015/Main MMD Treatise/MMD-Test-File.rtf'. You may not have the necessary permissions to save to this location - please try saving to a different place.


Error Parsing MultiMarkdown File: There was an error parsing the generated MultiMarkdown output.  The File could not be created.  Please check the standard error output below:  /Applications/ line 19: /usr/local/bin/multimarkdown: Operation not permitted

When I try to compile MMD->.html, the compile step does not complete. No errors reported in this case, however.

I didn’t have any errors of this kind before the installation. I’d be very grateful to get any pointers on where I should start troubleshooting.

Regrettably, Apple no longer supports the concept of software making use of shell utilities, for software sold through the Mac App Store (well, it does if the shell command is in /Applications, but you might as well just say it doesn’t support them because who is going to put stuff like sed and grep in their Applications folder!). If you wish to use the MAS version of the software you will need to use Scrivener’s built-in copy of MultiMarkdown exclusively by uninstalling the one in /usr/local/bin/, or switch to using the direct-sale version of Scrivener, which is not subject to Apple’s sandboxing and numerous other restrictions.

More details can be found in this thread.

We’ll probably be removing the ability to upgrade MultiMarkdown from the MAS version in the future, and the ability to compile from MMD to PDF will likely have to be removed as well.

Thanks, very much.

I did try the direct sale version as directed on the page you mentioned – but unfortunately, when opened, it did not seem to recognize the license information from my Mac App Store version. Perhaps that ability to check for proof of purchase no longer works on El Capitan??

For now, I’ll roll back and get rid of the newer MMD installation. To uninstall Multimarkdown, do I simply drag the /usr/local/bin/multimarkdown file into the Trash?

Unfortunately we are running into a lot of cases where the receipt validation system doesn’t appear to be working as expected. That’s already been logged as a bug.

Yes, removing the ‘multimarkdown’ or renaming it, in /usr/local/bin, will be enough to have Scrivener go back to using its built-in copy. If you use XSLT and have the support folder set up, you’ll want to rename that as well so Scrivener can’t find it, that gets used when using the XSLT option in compile.

Thanks for your help. I’m back up and running – using the built-in version of MMD.