errors Import & split

When import & splitting into the latest Scrivener I am getting

  1. double end quotes,
  2. double beginning quotes,
  3. double apostrophes for possessives and contractions
  4. double 3 ending periods (6 periods instead of 3)
  5. double M-dashes (or is it the N dash? anyway–the long one)
  6. replaces a hyphen in a hyphenated word with an M dash

It is not consistent. In other words several paragraphs can be fine, then one error, or many more

I thought it was a fluke on my part, but when several people in the Facebook Scrivener Users Group also reported the same error, I tried importing and splitting a short document again. I got the same result.
the screengrab is from my last attempt

Hello? Anyone? This is a big problem! HELP

Could this be something that might help?


Ahh. It must have defaulted to another setting with the new build. I’ll try it

YES! It worked.
Thank you