Errors in ePUB export?


I am a very new Scrivener user, downloaded the trial today. My main reason to test the application is to see if I can use it to create PDF, ePUB and MOBI all based on a single source and without any manual work afterwards to get it to create ePUB that validate against the 1.0.5 version of EpubCheck, a requirement for the Apple iBook store.

To my surprise (and disappointment), it didn’t. If I compile the interactive tutorial, I get 2 errors:

ERROR: C:\Desktop\Test.epub/OPS/content.opf(4): date value ‘2012-04-12T00:00:00’ is not valid, YYYY[-MM[-DD]] expected
ERROR: C:\Desktop\Test.epub/OPS/body3.xhtml(40): ‘OPS/37’: referenced resource missing in the package

The first error is one that I also get if I create a new document. Even when I explicitly set the date to the YYY-MM-DD format in the compile screen.

The second error points to an scrivener reference to a PDF in step 18 text editing, resulting in:

<a href="37"><span style=" font-family:'Times New Roman';">spacewalk_info</span></a>

Not only is in this case, the PDF not included in the ePUB, the link is not a valid one. I also cannot get it to create valid internal hyperlinks.

I tried searching the forums, but could not find any mention of either of the two issues. Did I miss something?