Errors in Search in French language

Unlike many languages, in French, when searching, some letters are completely equivalent.
For example é è e ê are all the same when searched. Typically some words can be written in different ways.
Same for o ö ô / u ù ü û / i ï î / a à / c ç / and so on.
Also Capital letters usually don’t have any accent ( but some people still use them).
I’m not an expert to report all of them, but it is really an mistake not to find “Evenement” when you look for “événement” or even “évènement”.
I know it’s sounds strange but French is a complicated language.
I’m sure some specialists may want to explain better than I do in this post.
What is a feature Request is the following :

Please son't take in account any accent when in the search !

If I look for “e”, please accept E e ë ê è é or any other E. Same for any letter. Accents don’t count for search.
I hope I’m clear,
Thank you,

This is already available in Scrivener 3. Click the magnifying glass in the project search field, then choose “Ignore Diacritics” (near the bottom of the list). This also exists as a checkbox option in the regular document Find.