Esc button in Fullscreen mode


I just have an annoyance that I’m sure would be very easy to fix: have a preference option to not let the “Esc” key go out of fullscreen mode.

There’s so many times I use the Esc key generally on OSX that hitting it to go out of FS mode makes it a real annoyance for me. Esc is used for instance to:

  1. auto-complete
  2. cancel a change to the keywords in the inspector
  3. get out of the dictionary / thesaurus (which I always use by hitting ctrl+cmd+d)

This and a number of other things you’d intuitively use Esc for instead pops you frustratingly out of FS mode. For each there is of course a workaround (eg. using cmd+. for completion), but I really don’t like having to change my usage habits for this particular program when the usage of the rest of OSX is pretty consistent.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

But the point is that leaving full screen with the Escape button is consistent with the rest of OS X - iPhoto, QuickTime and everything else exits full screen when you hit the Escape key. Also, note that opt-Escape is the standard for auto-complete, and this works in full screen too.

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Yes but you wouldn’t do nearly the amount of intensive editing etc. in iPhoto and QT fullscreen as you would do in Scrivener’s FS mode.

I’m by no means suggesting that this should be enabled by default, just that there should be a preference option to do so, which I don’t think would be too hard to implement.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, kLy,

Like you, perhaps, I am very attached to certain key combinations in my work flow. You come to rely on certain key functions, but in different domains the way of getting that function differs or some other function uses that key (remember when Apple co-opted command-M for the Minimize function?). Or you just pick up idiosynscratic habits from some app or other and then can’t kick it.

My solution to this is a good macro program. OS X’s application-specific keyboard shortcuts customization feature is okay, but for many purposes a full-fledged macro program is needed. I am a long-time user of QuicKeys.

I would not suggest a $ expenditure to solve this one issue you have, of course, but if you are like me, the problem is really more general than that–you want to have some control over how you like to keyboard–and so the investment may be worth it to you.


great, will give it a try :slight_smile: Just not too sure why KB’s been very insistent here about something that will likely take less than 10 minutes to implement and doesn’t negatively affect any current users… no beef :wink:

Ten minutes - yes, everything just takes ten minutes to implement. :unamused:


I’m a dev too so I don’t know how you’ve structured your app but for a comparable thing an app of mine would take about 5-10 minutes… If there’s a lot of stuff that’s been hard-coded into cocoa etc that you’d need to hack around that I’m not aware of, then sorry for the ignorance :slight_smile:

Sorry… I’m just being facetious because I’ve had a bad day. Glad you’re not the sort to take offence. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am a very happy Scrivener user - and I would like to second kLy’s opinion.

I absolutely love the Full Screen feature, but a big problem arises when I write in my native language, Japanese.

The trouble is that, in order to deal with Japanese characters, you are bound to use what is called a Front End Processor (FEP), where you basically convert phonetic input to written characters. In the process, you simply have to use the Esc key rather frequently.

I have tried to find a way to avoid using the Esc key in FEP (yes, I love Scrivener that much!) - to no avail so far; FEP is more tightly integrated with the OS than a regular program that runs on it.

And no, please don’t think it is an issue only with some exotic language; Scrivener is so good that it shouldn’t - indeed, cannot - be confined to English and other (major) European languages. I think the situation is similar with Korean, Chinese and other languages that require a FEP(-like) system.

So, if there is an option, probably under ‘Full Screen’ preference panel, of something along the lines of ‘Disable esc key’, I will be an even happier Scrivener user.

Meanwhile, I thank Keith for making this wonderful program available. I mean, really. I haven’t seen anything like it. I shall raise my glass in your general direction this evening.


The problem is in the legacy respected by many text input programs, still relying on the old Esc sequences (used, I guess, by the first printers to make diacritical marks). I wonder why their authors have not finally realized that modern OSs use the Esc key to break operations or exit from modal windows and dialog boxes.

Any hope the Esc key can be replaced by other, more modern modifier keys, right in the FEP software? Otherwise, if it is not Scriver, it will be another text editor interfering with the Esc key functions.

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