Esc code pass-throughs

Right, Scrivener is not a page layout program, but while I was fiddling with a block of exported text (I was trying to keep the block from being split across pages) I had an idea which I have to say, is not particularly original.

Now I figure that at some stage during the compile stage, Scrivener has the text in RTF for the document in its raw form; basically a plain text markup with weird character codes.

So I how about if Scrivener had some sort of escape sequence tag that it would just past right through to the final output when compiling.

For example, in the text I could have:

${\keep}Keep line
with the next one

The ‘keep’ sequence would be kept in the final output.

That would certainly be possible (although the “keep” bit would need to be put in the correct place, I think, I’ll have to test it out). I suppose my only worry would be that, given that 2.0 does have a page layout view, it wouldn’t be reflected inside Scrivener (given that Scriv’s page layout view will be basic and won’t support widows and orphans or “keep paragraphs together”). So users would start wondering why they could do something in export but not see it inside Scrivener itself…

All the best,

Mmm … I’d forgotten about the page view. I would say though, that if I’m the kind of user that would put a raw RTF code in a document, then I certainly wouldn’t expect it to show up the in the page view (any more than I would expect an on-the-fly translation of MMD while I type).

On the other hand, perhaps it would be better to wait and see if Apple is actually going to make any improvements to their RTF code this time round (though I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath).

As I’m under NDA I cannot say anything. I can, however, laugh despairingly. :wink: