"Escape" to finish a word can't be used in Full Screen

As I’m slowly learning to use Scrivener I love it more and more!! Can’t wait for 2.0 and the margin notes. Meantime, it’s a small problem but I notice I can’t use the Cocoa facility to finish words (don’t know what it’s called) by pressing Escape when I’m working in Full Screen mode because it just takes you out of that mode. Can anyone tell me how to get around that, maybe by changing the button to press to leave Full Screen in Scrivener? Thanks.


Until 2.0, you can use opt-Escape or cmd-period to complete words in full screen mode (both can be used in the regular mode too). I seem to recall fixing this for 2.0 but will have to double-check.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Keith,
Thanks! That helps a lot.
Keep up the good work.