eSellerate nag since upgrade

This is a slightly different eSellerate issue: every time I start up Scrivener, I am asked to activate the program. I activate Scrivener and I don’t have any issues until the next time I open Scrivener when I have to activate again. I’ve tried uninstalling Scrivener and deleting the eSellerate folders from ~/Library and /Library. I’ve tried deleting Scrivener preferences. I’ve repaired permissions. I’ve even gone so far as to reset ACLs. I must be missing a file somewhere though because I am never asked to reenter my serial number. I can’t find any information in Console that would indicate why this is happening. The only thing I have not tried is deactivating and then reactivating Scrivener. Is that advisable?

Additional information: I meant to add that I was using the last beta version of Scrivener before this. I know that this was an issue for some with the beta version. I followed the instructions to fix that problem, but still no joy.

Also, I bought Scrivener directly from L&L, not MAS.


Please try the following:

In Finder, navigate to /Library/Application Support (this is the root-level Library folder, not the one in your home folder - if you’re not sure how to get to it, select “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” menu in the Finder and type “/Library/Application Support”, then hit “Go”).

Look for a folder called MindVision.

Move the MindVision folder to the Trash.

Restart Scrivener.

If that still doesn’t work:

Again locate the MindVision folder as above (which will have been recreated on startup), select it, and hit Cmd-i or select “Get Info” from the Finder “File” menu to bring up the info panel.

Take a look at the “Sharing & Permissions” pane at the bottom of the info pane, and check that you have Read & Write access (actually, I think only read access is needed, but we’ll go for read & write access just to be safe).

If you don’t have this access, click on the lock at the bottom of the panel and enter your admin password, then change the privileges to give you Read & Write access. Also, from the gear button at the bottom, select “Apply to enclosed items…”, then click on the lock again to finish editing the permissions.

Now restart Scrivener and try again.

I’d also recommend using Disk Utility to repair all permissions on your machine, as these problems are indicative of permissions conflicts on your file system (something quite common on OS X).

Please let me know how you get on.

All the best,

I also was using last beta and got Scriv from L&L, and yet don’t have your problem. I don’t think those variables matter. I hope Keith’s suggestions will fix your problem

Thank you, Keith. Your first suggestion worked.

As I mentioned in my initial post, I had repaired permissions. I’m aware of the problems the wrong permission settings can cause (having once accidentally 777ed my system folder + contents!). With this in mind, I thought I’d mention that because initially I thought this problem had something to do with the problems others are having with eSellerate, I checked permissions all the folders mentioned in that thread. I noticed that the eSellerate folders were all set to 666 (ominous, right?). Actually, on my system, the first two levels (~/Library/Application Support/eSellerate/, ~/Library/Application Support/eSellerate/ and /Library/Application Support/eSellerate/) are 666, and files and folders below that are 644. As far as I can tell, eSellerate and, as I just discovered, MindVision are the only folders with these permission settings in both the user and the root-level Library.