essay block quote (preserved)

greetings from melbourne australia
is it possible to adjust the settings for the essay block quote (preserved) formatting preset… i know how to replace the style with something else but i want to keep the dotted outline and i want to change the background colour and i can’t find the settings for these…
if possible i would like the text to sit away from the edge of the box by a few pixels too!

thanks y’all!

Greeting Joh, also from Melbourne,

I wasn’t aware this preset came with dotted outlines in the first place. As for enlarging the margins, that shouldn’t be a problem if you go into Format > Text > Line and Paragraph Spacing… and set the paragraph spacing, and also in Format > Text is the indent stuff. But specifying in terms of pixels might not be so easy; that’s not exactly how Scrivener operates as far as I know.

sadly those settings do not have any effect on how the text sits in the box, they just affect the space between the box and the next para…

As I’m sure you know, the ‘preserve format’ dotted line box and background are just visible reminders on the screen – they simply tell you that this part of the text will not change its format during compilation, no matter what your compilation settings are. So the colour of the background and the margins between text and the dotted lines have absolutely no effect whatsoever on compilation.

Is your problem simply that you don’t like the look of the box on the screen? As far as I can tell, there is no way of changing that look (as opposed to changing the spacing, font etc of the text within the box).

ah thanks brookter! my bad. i didn’t know it was just related to what happens to formatting during compile, since i haven’t actually ever compiled anything out of scrivener before :slight_smile: