Essay & replacements

I’m using the Essay template and made some adjustments to the Title page however the replacement line at the top has disappeared. So now I can’t edit it. What did I do wrong? Is there a VIEW replacement line/content somewhere that I’m missing? I simply can’t remember where the line existed.
Thanks in advance for the help.

I’m looking at the essay template, but I’m afraid I’m not sure what line you’re referring to.

In any case, the documents in a template are just like any other document. The template is a starting point, but you can put whatever content you want there.

If you’d like a fresh copy of the title page, you can get one by opening a fresh copy of the essay template and dragging it over.



This is what I was referring to:

? (YourStudentID) / SupervisorSurname / May 9, 2012 … 1

Where is this content stored? How can I remove/adjust it?

I found it, it’s in the page settings on Compile under Headings. Removed and now happy.


Great! Glad to see you figured it out.