Essential shortcut in Scripwriting mode not working

When using Script Mode I get the menu on the right in the Footer view saying “General Text”.
So far so good.

In the tutorial it says that I can bring the menu up automatically when hitting Ctrl+\

“Note that you can hit Ctrl+\ to bring up that menu automatically and then hit one of the keys specified in the menu to select an element without taking your hands off the keyboard.”

This is not working.

When I hit that key it instead splits the document horizontally.

My +key and my \key is on the same key so I think what happens is that I press
ctrl+ instead of ctrl\

However to get the \ I have to press ctrl+altGr+\ but when I do this nothing happens.

So there is no way for me to reach the menu (Script Elements Popup I think it’s called) without lifting my hands from the keyboard all the time.
This makes scriptwriting difficult.

What can I do?


Going into a Scrivener’s Project.
Then pressing F12 or alternatively, going to the Menu at the top and selecting “Tools” then “Options” (will bring up the options) then click on Keyboard in left pane of the Options window. Where it says “Keyboard Shortcuts: Scrivener” in the right panel of the Options window. Just below this text title, is a search bar with the word “Filter” greyed out. Left Click Filter, and type in the search word “Ctrl+”, without quotes, a list of 1 item should be displayed. Listed as Format “Script Element Popup” and to the farthest right, is the Shortcut code, Ctrl+.

Is there any other listed, besides Script Element Popup? If so, it could be a conflicting shortcut. In the same Right Panel of the Keyboard Option’s window, near the bottom is a Button, “Reset All”, this button will reset all shortcuts to default settings. However, before you do that, if there is a Second or more element that is assigned “Ctrl+” you can click on that element, to select it, then under “Edit Shortcut” either reset that single element to it’s default setting(using the button “Reset”), as opposed to resetting every single shortcut to default. Or you can manually assign the Keyboard shortcut, by single left clicking in the search field of Key Sequence which erases the Ctrl+/ and then manually assign your own key binding sequence.

If this is, as you say, a limitation of your physical keyboard. Make your way to Options, Keyboard, again search for “Ctrl+” and then manually assign the key binding of your choice, example, “Ctrl+Alt+”, the “” key being what your physical keyboard key is. No matter what it says in the key sequence, you are mapping the keys of the physical keyboard, so you only have to press your key sequence of Press and hold “Ctrl”, then while still holding Ctrl, press and continue to hold “Alt”, then press you “” key on the keyboard. It would show up as “Ctrl+Alt+Whatever it is”, the important thing is, you know the keys to press, whatever they are called or end up being. Alternatively, if you don’t print your project at all or very rarely, you could assign the Script Element Popup to “Ctrl+P” P for popup. Then Search filter word Print, and under key sequence, where it says “Ctrl+P” hit that little x button to unbind the key sequence, then press Apply. Now when ever you want to use that Script Element Popup, its just “Ctrl+P”.

Hope that helps.

I’ve found it helpful to reassign the script elements pop-up to the F1 key (after reassigning whatever was there before, of course). This means I can call the menu with my left hand, and my right hand can stay on the mouse to select the script element I need.

@simeva, that is a very helpful workflow, thank you.

I also had this problem with the keyboard shortcut for showing popup for script elements not coming up. This was following the beginning tutorial, Step 3: Footer View.
After redefining the shortcut several times I searched for ‘Script’ and also found the shortcut ‘Ctrl-4’ for “Script Writing”.
By pressing Ctrl-4 I got the mernu displayed at the bottom-right of the footer, which had not appeared before, and then was able to use the Ctrl+\ to pop up the menu, allowing choice of script writing elements without having to take hands off the keyboard.
Note: I’m a total Scrivener newbie on a Windows trial period and really enamoured of the software so far. I do technical writing and really can see the value of this software.