ETA for Scrivener for Windows 1.0.3?

I’ve been a faithful Scrivener for Windows user since the early beta versions, and my experience has been nothing short of stellar. However, since 1.0 I’ve had a few issues (detailed in other places in this forum). I haven’t lost any data, so my problems, generally speaking, have only been annoying. I’ve tried to follow the discussions in this forum as closely as possible, and unfortunately, it appears that some users have experienced data loss. I’m sure you can understand why that makes me (and I would assume several of your customers) a little gun shy about trusting Scrivener as a secure repository for the creative produce of our Blood, Sweat, and Tears. As I understand, the most worrisome of the problems thus far encountered are fixed in version 1.0.3; so I was just wondering if you have an ETA for its availability. I have a long history as a software developer myself, so I know the intricacies you wrestle with, and I know you cannot provide guarantees; but I think a general (maybe even formal) re-affirmation to the Scrivener for Windows user community that data integrity is of paramount importance might serve to mitigate any unfounded fears.
You have a great product (the best I’ve seen), and I would hate to see these issues impact the confidence your users have in Scrivener for Windows.

Just one humble user’s opinion,
Dick Keaton

The 1.0.3 public beta is available for testing right now, if you would like to use it. You’ll find it posted in the beta board. Final ETA will probably be a week or so. This way any critical flaws found in it can be found and squashed before pushing it out to everyone.