Eternity's End by Jack Carver

I just finished “Eternity’s End” today. I borrowed it when I was in the library randomly and thought that I could borrow a book if I’m there anyway (it doesn’t cost money for me). I know half of their science fiction-books anyway, but I didn’t read Eternity’s End - and it was thick, so I took it.
The backcover of the book has some critics that read like it’s the best book ever written. So I was suspicious.
And I wasn’t without cause… Eternity’s End takes place in a universe created by Carver where you can travel more-than-light speed with rigging.
But the author seemed to trust that the readers already read a few of his books of that universe. So, if you didn’t read my explanation - because of time paradoxons, I didn’t do that before I read the book - you don’t know what rigging is. So it’s a bit inconvenient to hear that the main character is a rigger without (or nearly without) explanations. It’s a book you will only fully understand if you know the universe or if you reading it a second time.
Also, I pretty like the story with many “layers” and I doubt that Carver just chilled and ate pizza four years long while pretending to write the book. He even managed to link every layer.
That was probably complicated. But that doesn’t mean that I think it’s great. You know, there is kinda no “flow” in it, no backstory or something, because every event is linked with the whole story coplex. I found it rather annoying because… you know, it’s like a long, looooong drum solo containing only fast drumming on everything. It’s pretty hard to do, but that doesn’t mean that it’s great! The same goes with this linking of everything - it feels not very believable.
Then, the character development is a bit goofy sometimes -

first there is a pirate, and she's bad, and stuff, and then she's in love with the main character, and at the end, she says, well, I never liked hijacking ships and stuff, and now I know how your ship was hijacked, and now we'll never hijack ships again. Also, I had a evil plan all the way, but I reveal it in the end, and well, I'm not that evil, and it wasn't for bad purpose... and then there was another point I didn't like, but anyway.

But hey - it was pretty good for long train rides. But I prefer the Jack Carver in the aloha shirt.