Eureka! Project-Search List in Binder Context

I’ve been wanting to see my project search results in the Binder Context for a long time, so I can directly see where each search result is in my structure. But they always show up as a flat list in the blue-white striped binder form. Then, 5 minutes ago, I had it. All my search results selected in a perfectly expanded Binder!

Except I did not know what I had done to get it!

I figured it out after re-tracing my steps. Here it is.

The recipe:

  • Type your search terms
  • Select all search results in binder
  • Edit-Scrivenings on the selection
  • Opt-Cmd-F to enter full-screen mode
  • Escape to exit full-screen mode
  • Behold!

If others could try this, I’d be very interested to know what you think of making this the default search result view, or at least have a configurable option to do so.

Keith, in case this is by accident and not by design, please don’t change it. If it is by design, I love it even if it’s a bit indirect. If there was a way to make this the default display for search results I would use it every time!!

I did it without the full screen mode step. :slight_smile:


I’ve always just used Cmd-Opt-R. Select all of the search results you wish to view, then select the index cards, then press Cmd-Opt-R. Escapes search mode and shows all selected items in the Binder in one move. This works better because it will also snag items that cannot be placed into an E.S. session.

Incidentally, looks like I found a bit of a bug. If you do this without selecting the index cards, the search just exits and nothing else happens. At the very least, nothing should happen, as I understand Cmd-Opt-R is an editor focus event.

See sig :slight_smile: