Even more things

I apologize for having the incorrect opinion.
I apologize for not tolerating a bad feature and demanding support.
I apologize for not putting up with being harassed and insulted by an another member.

Here is my post edited in a way not to offend the company and it’s fans.

I am on a downwards spiral leading to me REMOVED (WRONG OPINION).

Before that happens I just want to ask few things.

  1. How do I make all of my chapter titles in UPPERCASE. REMOVED (CRITICISM)

  2. How do I add a little graphic under the chapter title? REMOVED (CRITICISM)

  3. How do I make header differ from page to page. I wish for one page to list my name and the other to list the novel’s name. REMOVED (CRITICISM)

  4. How to add a drop cap? REMOVED (CRITICISM)

  5. Why does “add front matter” suddenly ignore my cover image? It used to work and now it does not.

I am REMOVED (CRITICISM) by the state in which the Compile menu is. REMOVED (CRITICISM)

I hope my post is more aligned with the allowed opinions on this website. I would not want to commit wrongthink again. This software is amazing, yes, prefect. Now please provide support for something I paid 90 EUR for.

Not strange at all the post was deleted without a single message about the deletion. :wink: :wink:

I guess you missed this: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/so-many-abusive-things/46149/1

In any case, criticism of Scrivener or L&L generally is fine. Flinging insults around is not.


Given the fact I was not notified of the removal I did not “miss” anything. Generally speaking forums do not include removal messages in the forum publicly.

You mention that I was “flinging insults at other users” while it was me being insulted. But again my post was critical of the company.

Seeing I did not receive any help even from the “support team” I will refrain from posting further and will search for a suitable alternative to Scrivener. Unacceptable quality.

Insults were being flung in all directions. I thought it best to remove the entire thread rather than singling out any individual poster.

Have you sent a query to the Windows support team?


Quite a lot of questions.
Did you try to find answers in the manual?

I had similar questions when I was about to publish my first book, so I searched the net and found a book which explained most of it. There are several good books out there.

… and video tutorials.