Evernote documents not loading in Scrivener?

I usually gather web pages (research) in Evernote. Then click “share” > link, and then in Scrivener: import webpage > given Evernote-created URL. This makes said web document readable in Scrivener. However, once I’ve closed Scrivener and open it again, Evernote-created documents suddenly refuse to load inside of Scrivener. Ordinary web pages that I’ve downloaded straight into Scrivener - no problem.

This is rather annoying, since it makes the whole point of gathering research in Evernote and then transferring pages as needed to Scrivener somewhat obsolete. Anyone have this problem/know how to fix it?


Check the nature of the link. Evernote can create two types of links: (1) web URLs and (2) application URLs. A third type (created outside of Evernote) is file URLs
The first* starts with evernote.com/ …etc
The second, which Evernote calls a “classic note link”, starts with "evernote:///view/ …etc
The third starts with file:///Users/ …etc

Although you describe creating shared web URLs, the behaviour you describe matches file URLs: When you open a PDF attached to an Evernote note in another application (e.g. Preview or Scrivener), Evernote creates a temporary folder for the file for that use. Since the folder is only temporary, the next time that program tries to load the PDF from that location it won’t be there. Check the actual link to see what type has been created.

[size=85]*Note: to be precise, Evernote can create two forms of weblinks: “shared” URLS and private ones. Shared URLS are for files you share with other people (the hint is in the name ) using “Share -> Copy Share URL”. Private URLs are created by “Copy Note Link”. [/size]

Aha! Thank you for that thorough explanation. Hopefully this will solve my problem.