EverNote Imports Stick at 10%

As an example, in EverNote I select a group of notes and from that create a TOC note > click Share > Copy Note URL to Clipboard. In Scriverner under “Research” I then click File > Import > Web Page > and paste the URL, add the title and select “Import as Dynamic Web”. A blank TOC page is created with the URL at the bottom, but the page sticks at 10% and no content (the TOC links) is imported.

Any ideas if I’m doing something wrong and/or what the issue is?


Offhand, two possibilities come to mind:

  • Try a different web page import option than “Import as Dynamic Web” in Scrivener.
  • Have EverNote output/export the material in some other non-HTML format (.rtf perhaps) that Scrivener can perhaps handle better.

Also, do a search of the forums (search field is in upper right hand corner) for “import evernote”, to see what others experience with this has been.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your response. The other web page import options didn’t work for EverNote, and I stopped with the Dynamic Web option because this is the only one which worked on other urls (non EverNote). I’ll give the .rtf option a go.

I looked all over the web and found nothing based on this. It works on Mac which I know is the favoured Scrivener platform, maybe it will be fixed in Scrivener for Windows V2.