Evernote integration (again)

I’ve seen this request in older posts, but nothing recent. I know several MacOS apps that read and write directly to Evernote notebooks. You can view (and even edit) them from the non-Evernote app. The structure is even the same card-and-title appearance used in Scrivener.

So I’m just rekindling the request to explore this integration. Thanks in advance for giving it a fresh look.

We explored it, I’m afraid, and it came to nothing. We used to receive regular requests for Evernote integration (we receive very few these days, however). I therefore started a thread asking users exactly what they meant by Evernote “integration” - what they expected, what other apps did in that regard that they felt would be useful for Scrivener. We received a lot of replies, no two alike. Nobody seemed able to define exactly what they meant by integration between the two apps. It seemed rather a nebulous wish that two rather different apps could work together in some undefined way, so we were never able to take it further. Now that we receive so few requests for this, I doubt we’ll be looking into it further, I’m afraid, as much as we love Evernote.

All the best,