Every Once In a While You Strike Gold...

New here and just saying a quick hello and…

Just when you think it’s all been done, bam!.. along comes another app (or the discovery of one) that just blows your mind.

To the developers of Scrivener, a big thank you. Oh… $40? Not complaining mind you but, now that I gots mine, go ahead raise the price it’s way too low… :laughing:

Thanks again and continued success


PS… I came here to find out about the opml thing and see that’s it’s already being addressed. Great! Already downloaded the beta to get my MM’s into S.

Thanks, Cliff! Glad to hear the software is working out well for you. The pricing reflects our desire to make good software tools available to anyone. Not every writer can make a living off of their work just yet, or may be in a restricted income situation, and they shouldn’t have to resort to using something else if they’d rather use Scrivener because it is priced outside of what they can afford. That’s the reasoning anyway. :slight_smile: Thanks again for the positive feedback and welcome to the boards.

I agree. The price of some ‘writing software’ is just plain out of sight for the average person’s budget. Who can afford 2-300.00 or more for a program? Not me that’s for sure. I’ve used LSB and Snowflake Pro (one was a giveaway of the day and the other was only $20.00 when in the 1st week of release) but though both have their good points Scrivener is more adaptable to different writing needs. I especially like how someone can create a template and upload it so that others can then use the same template to help in the creation of their own projects. It’s well worth the cost of buying a license. :smiley: