every paragraph tabbed?!

been using scrivener for a few days now.
Just started a new story and whenever I hit return for a new paragraph, it’s always indented.
This doesn’t fit with my style of writing and it also occurs on the first line of every new text section.
una. xxx

Preferences > Text Editing. The text box there sets the paragraph attributes for new documents (which have a first line tabbed indent by default).

Hi Keith,

That’s great. But what is the easiest way to change existing documents?



Assuming you want to change them to text attributes you’ve already set as Keith details above, just select all the documents you want to change in the Binder, then go Documents -> Convert -> Formatting to default text style.

[Edit to add: YOU CANNOT UNDO THIS ACTION. So be sure you’ve got it set up right.]

In the longer term, create your own template with these text attributes set, and you won’t have to worry about it ever again :slight_smile: