Every year again

Soon I will buy a new M1x Mac and macOs Monterey will be released. Have you already tested Scrivener with the betas and is Scrivener “Monterey Ready”?
Are you planning a Scrivener update for macOs Monterey or is the current version running fine?

Not a Scrivener staff member, but I have Monterey running on my development computer and Scrivener appears to work just fine. BUT, this is a beta, so I wouldn’t suggest doing it until Apple releases the gold master of Monterey and it’s been tested by people who have development/test computers.

Upgrading your main production computer (or buying a new one) before testing has been done is opening up a big bag of hurt.

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In the latest Monterey Beta 9 there appear some cosmetic glitches with Scrivener, and some other applications as well.
So far, Monterey has some really nice changes under the hood, some user interface changes I need some more time to adjust to, and some bugs. Like, if you use any other language except English you might see some interesting text sometimes in System Settings or elsewhere; if you’re using Siri to read to you the stuff you’ve written, you might run into a brick wall, because might not work — that is, it keeps defaulting to the rather jarring voices we’ve had for the last decade or so.

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