Everything except writing

I am probably in the minority on this, but I envision using a Scrivener iPad app for everything except writing. If I’m writing anything more than a paragraph, I’m using my laptop. The laptop gives me a decent keyboard and enough screen space to work. I dream of a Scrivener iPad app for other things:

  1. The ability to create, clip and send stuff to Scrivener. The iPad has tons of note taking, sketching, voice memo, web browsing apps, etc. When I create or find something with one of those apps, I’d love to be able to “send” it to scrivener. I imagine clipping something from a web site or annotating a .pdf in Good Notes or sketching a Mind Map with OmniGraffle, then sending it to scrivener. The Scrivener iPad app would sync with my laptop and, when I next opened Scrivener on my laptop, the iPad notes, sketches, web clips, etc would appear sort of like files in the Scratch Pad. I could append them as resources to existing projects.

  2. The ability to transport my Scrivener projects with me and to compile them for viewing, sharing or printing. Here’s the scenario: I’m at a meeting. The client and I are discussing a particular section of a project. I can pull it up on my iPad, compile that section and print it out (via air print), e-mail it right away, or look at it on the iPad as we discuss it.

  3. As much as possible, the ability to compile my Scrivener projects and “send” them to other iPad apps. In particular, I use Good Notes for annotating .pdf’s by hand (with a stylus). If I had a Scrivener iPadd app, I could pull up a project, compile a .pdf, send it to Good Notes, annotate it by hand, and then send the annotated version back to Scrivener to be synced with my desktop and imported into an existing project as a resource (see item #1)

  4. Of course, all of this requires some sort of reliable and easy way to Sync with the Scrivener desktop application.