Everything Gone

I have been using Scrivner for several weeks now and each time I spent he app my work is there. Tonight I opened and the file was completely empty of all of my folders, drafts and everything. I went to recent files to see if another saved version was being used and found nothing. there was no file even updated in the past month with the ext. .scriv except the empty open file.

So the one that was open was the one I had been using, yet everything inside was gone.

Just by chance I happened to add a new draft, and poof, one of my chapters appeared. I did this for the rest and eventually they all appeared as Untitled drafts, out of order and unsorted into folders and such.

So by posting this I want to know if I continue using this will something like this happen again and in case it has happened to someone else they won’t have heart failure.

Lastly, what is the cause and is there anyway to prevent it.




I’ve never heard of anything happening like this. Could you please say exactly what happened leading up to this? This wouldn’t have happened in isolation. Did you have any problems with your computer? Did Scrivener crash at any point? It sounds as though Scrivener’s binder file has got corrupted somehow, but it is impossible to guess at the cause without knowing a lot more about the circumstances.

All the best,

I may have had to do a force quit last night if I remember right. I could not get the program to quit on its own. From time to time I find I have a lot of programs on the computer up at the same time, so I start shutting them down. I think it did not quit as usual. I didn’t think anything of it since most programs, from time to time have a reason to require force quit. I didn’t know it was going to erase the files though.

I rarely have a problem with the computer. I have plenty of memory etc.

. I hope this helps.

There’s still no reason this should have happened… Very weird. Could you send me the project file?