Everything is Underlined When Copy Pasting to New Doc

I tried to copy-paste from google docs into a new document on Scrivener, and everything is underlined.

Steps I’ve Tried:

  • selected all and underlined/un-underlined
  • pasted via “paste and match styles”
  • pasted and used document > convert > formatting to default text style
  • pasted via “paste and match styles” and then tried document > convert > formatting to default text style
  • changing fonts, font size, and alignment
  • pasting small sections instead of the entire document, in the same steps as above
  • pasting from other google docs (all of them are doing this)

Nothing makes the underline go away.

Once the document has the bugged underline, no matter if I delete all text, everything else I write is underlined.

I have found ONE workaround, by creating a new document, writing random text to “prime” the formatting, then pasting via “paste and match styles”. However, if I paste it without matching styles, it underlines the entire document, including my previously written text.

I’m using Scrivener Version:

Problems with pasting from Google Docs have been reported multiple times, I’m afraid. Try searching the forum for it, and you may find other solutions. (Or not – I’m not a Google Docs user myself.)

I did search to see if I could find this particular problem before I reported it, but I didn’t.

Hi dovenart,

It’s been my experience that these kind of formatting challenges are not uncommon when copying from one app to another.

Yup, that’s the sort of thing I routinely do.

Another thing you can try is pasting from Google docs into a text editor like Notepad, and then cut/pasting from there into Scrivener. Again, I do this sort of thing all the time, and not just when my target is Scrivener. (OneNote, Word, etc.)