Evolution of language

Your essay question for the day…


You can see the comic in it’s original setting at the brilliant Dinosaur Comics: qwantz.com/index.php?comic=2248

Note, Dinosaur Comics is written by the equally brilliant Ryan North, computation linguist by training and dinosaur cartoonist by trade.

(Acknowledgment to xkcd)

There is nothing quite so likely to turn me into a vigilante super-villain than text/133t speak used out of it’s appropriate context. The only bit I haven’t figured out is what my schtick would be. The Elucidater? Part of a team… Struck and White-out? Once I have that nailed down: Beware, evil-doers, slaughterers of language everywhere!

Edit: Even better… Strike-through and White-out, or Strunk-through and White-out?