EWSMac.framework ...?

Totally stupid and non-vital question (afaik), but I just gotta ask …

When I updated by copying Scrivener 1.1 over Scrivener 1.0 and then launched it, immediately a folder called “EWSMac.framework” appeared in my Trash folder. Is this just part of the upgrade process? :slight_smile:

BTW, I haven’t had a chance to actually use Scrivener much yet with other work that’s been pressing, but I’m looking forward to going thru the tutorial again and seeing what’s new and improved, after reading about it for so long. Also, the new web site looks terrific … clean and straightforward, and very Mac-like while remaining its own. Great work, Keith … now have a drink or something. :slight_smile:[/u]

The EWSMac.framework is what is used to validate serial numbers (provided by eSellerate). There was a bug in their old framework where it could end up in your trash folder, so I updated to their most recent framework in the hopes that this would be fixed - evidently not.

At any rates, it’s nothing to worry about. I will contact eSellerate about it - you can happily empty your trash, though.


Aaah, okay, I suspected it (that particular framework) had something to do with authentication. Thanks for the reply.

And again, great work! Looking forward to having some free time to actually write something now. :wink: