Exactly what does the "Save" command (in th file menu) do?

When I issue the Save command (command-s on my mac), I want this command to save every open file, such that if my computer crashes, all my work will be up to date on disk.

I fear that the Save command might do no more than save the current document. Or, it might save all unsaved documents, but leave some project data unsaved.

What exactly does this command do? Also: If this command does not do what I want, then what is the best way to save the entire project to disk?

Thanks for your answers.

The save command only does what the automatic save mechanism does after a few seconds of idle time, as defined in Scrivener->Preferences->General->Saving. By default, it’s set to 2 seconds of inactiity.

That mechanism saves all changes that have been made to your local disk, so it’s not necessary for you to invoke it.

There are some settings in the Backup tab of Preferences that will trigger a full backup copy of your entire project when you hit CMD-s, but if you are in the habit of hitting that key combo frequently, you’ll fill your backups folder with nearly identical copies of the project, and it will automatically remove the oldest of them after 5 copies have been created (by default). I don’t think it’s useful to trigger automatic backups more than a couple of times a day.

You can also trigger snapshots of all of the documents you’ve changed your project with CMD-s. That setting is also in the “Saving” section of preferences. Too-frequent snapshots can make your project balloon in size though.