excel doc confusion

I put an Excel spreadsheet into the Research folder in the Binder. I’ve been clicking on the document there, which opens it in Excel and from there I update it. Fine. But today I realized that there are now two versions of this document with different names.

The one in the binder says Timeline JC.xlsx, which is correct. But after I open it, I see the document name is 48.xlsx. Odd thing is that when I search for the 48 version it’s nowhere to be found on my hard disc (even through it says it’s on the desktop). Timeline JC.xlsx IS on my hard disc just where it should be, but it does not reflect the changes I made to the version I opened via Scrivener.

Please advise. I’m new to the product, which I love, but this makes me nervous. Hopefully it’s something obvious. Thanks

You’re okay! There aren’t two versions of the file, it’s just that it has an “internal” name and an “external” name. The external name is completely free, you can have eight XLS files named identically in your Binder and Scrivener will not complain. You can use characters and symbols in the names that would otherwise cause your disk to complain. You can do all of this because it is just a label. The actual name is indeed 48.xsl (or whatever). The number is what links your external label in the binder with the data on the list. Every single thing in your binder has its own number, and likely has some kind of file in the project system based on that number. 192.rtf, 13_synopsis.txt, etc.

When you open the file in an external editor, it’s completely ignorant of its “binder name”, that’s just something our software pasted over the real name. So you see the 48.xsl in the title bar. The binder name is also what Scrivener will use if you export the file later on.