Exchange the latte for pimm's!

So, back in the early days of August I decided to do an August novel writing month cause I couldn’t wait for November and I have all this time on my hands due to the whole surgery and recovery thing.

Needless to say, I completely failed.

Stuff came up and I didn’t write. (I went to Copenhagen for a week, woohoo)

However, I did seat myself down again and have written a total of around 3000 words in the past two days (adding up to 4700-something in total).

To celebrate I just poured myself some PIMM’s no. 1 and mixed it with orange juice (yes yes, I know, I’m a horrible person for doing so, but we just don’t have the right mixing stuff here and it does actually taste pretty good) and pop an Aliens dvd in to enjoy.

Sigourney always makes my day :mrgreen:



Pimm`s Orange juice, and Alien!! Jeezzz!! wotta weirdo :open_mouth:

Anasthesia does strange things to people.

Or so I’ve heard.

Well if it hasn`t

will :wink:
Take care

It turns them into vic-k. Seriously. Search the archives. He is an addict. Absolutely useless without it, and barely any use with it. He gets into arguments over sinks folks inability to make sense of his posting. A real piece of work.