Exclude file types in compile?

I know this is a pretty obscure question, but I put revision thoughts/plans in the notes of each document. I also paste images in the notes (pictures found online that look the way the I imagine the scene) since there is only one spot available for an image on the text index card. I created a custom compile of my manuscript so that I could read all the notes throughout but that included all the images too which made it unwieldy. Eventually I compiled to docx and just manually deleted all the images, but that was a pain. I know I could have compiled as a text document to exclude the images (losing the rich text formatting too), but is there any way to exclude images or other file types in compile and just export the formatted text?

That was hard to explain, Hope it was clear. Thanks.

Notes are pretty much all or nothing. There’s no way to exclude images specifically.

However, instead of using the Notes metadata, you could put the images in one or more “notes” subdocuments, and include/exclude those as needed.


When you say “file types”, are you referring to documents that have a “document type” assigned to them?

If there is any metadata on a file that you can find using the project search, you can save that search, and then in the main compile window, you can use that saved search (aka: collection) to exclude any documents within that saved search result.

Regardless, instead of keeping your notes in your draft folder, consider using either document bookmarks, or the project bookmarks view in the inspector. Just create a folder outside of your draft folder, and start adding notes or other files to that folder. You can then drag those files into the bookmarks pane of the inspector for easy reference.

Alternately, I think you can mark any text or image in your documents as “inline annotations”, and at compile time, those annotations can be set to be excluded from the compiled output by ticking a single box.

Thanks! I like writing in Composition Mode and having Inspector window open on Notes to be able to look at the images while describing them–so subdocuments are a good idea but wouldn’t allow that set up.

No, I meant the jpeg (or whatever file type it is) that I paste into the document notes in the Inspector.

Clever solutions. I am not that familiar with bookmarks and inline annotation somewhat confuses me (I do use comments though). I’ll have to read up on both and perhaps try them. The only drawback I see to bookmarks is that it is a link to image (right?) rather than sitting there in the Inspector for easy viewing as I move from text document (scene to scene) to text document. And inline annotations seat a picture in the middle of the manuscript text (right?) Thanks.

Not that specific setup, no, but you could split the Editor or open the “notes” in a Quick Reference pane.


A completely different solution would be to have the images in the synopsis field, provided you don’t require to use both synopsis text, the images and the notes at the same time. You would then be able to see the image above your notes and could print the Notes but not the synopsis.

… or in a copy holder, if you’re already using a.split editor and don’t want or don’t have enough screen space for another window?