exclude files from scrivening?

Is there any way to exclude a folder and its subfolders from a scrivening automaetically?

For example, I want to make my scrivening by selecting a folder. (I don’t want to manually select files to be included - I just want to click a folder and see a scrivening of everything inside it.

Except that I owuld like to mark some files as “excluded from scrivenings” – mostly because I want to keep a couple versions of a scene right in pocket as subfiles under the scene… they’re versions so i don’t want to see them in my scrivening… but i don’t want to move them somewhere further away either… i want to be able to switch them out right there very easily…

…is there any way to do this?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to automatically exclude files from Scrivenings mode.

One alternative to keeping different versions of one document in the binder is to create a snapshot with title of the document you want to be able to swap out. Then copy and paste over the contents of that file with the alternate contents and take another titled snapshot. Once that’s done, you can move the extra file in the binder to the trash (don’t empty it, in case you want to put it back later!).

From there, you can easily swap out (or compare) the two snapshots, make new, updated snapshots of each as you work on them, and delete old snapshots as they become more and more out of date. All the while, Scrivenings mode will only show you the ‘active’ version of the documents you’re working with.